Sales Account Executive - Full remote - High commission only

Melba is looking for international account executives working remotely and addressing English-speaking prospects. Paid with commission only from €5k to €30k/month.

Published on 08/19/2021Sébastien Vassaux

We're actively looking for new full remote high-commission only account Executives to work with English-speaking prospects.


Within the marketing & sales team, under the direction of the CEO, you contribute to the growth of Melba by prospecting and acquiring new customers in English-speaking locations.


Build a base of prospects by carrying out autonomous outbound prospecting actions with the help of the tools put in place for the team:

  • implementing LinkedIn automation
  • leveraging the existing prospect base
  • implementing other tools and techniques built by the marketing team

Qualify prospects with regard to our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP):

  • identify the needs of prospects
  • Identify the match between their need and our value proposition
  • Identify the best ways to activate these prospects (BANT or MEDDIC)

Provide demonstrations to better convert:

  • demonstrations programmed yourself thanks to the previous tasks
  • demonstrations scheduled for you by SDR colleagues focused on prospecting

Close customers and ensure their long-term satisfaction:

  • convince prospects to sign-up with Melba
  • negotiate conditions: type of subscriptions, billing cycle, trial, etc
  • retrieve payment details
  • perform quality onboarding

Maintain quality information on our CRM

  • log all communications
  • guarantee the reliability of this information
  • attach all relevant documents
  • program the right reminders

Respect and participate in the improvement of our sales processes

Measure your own performance and report it regularly to your team leader

Work with the entire team to ensure the achievement of personal and collective results

Actively share your ideas and good practices in order to

  • constantly improve the efficiency of your team
  • guarantee sustainable growth
  • ensure the success of Melba.

Required profile


  • You are familiar with the world of food production
  • You are a native English speaker
  • You are organized and know how to respect and improve a process
  • You are result oriented, you do not procrastinate
  • You have an analytical mind and measure your performance and that of your team
  • You are empathetic towards your prospects and customers
  • You listen to criticism and seek your improvement
  • You have very good written and oral communication skills
  • You already have had successful experiences in a similar position
  • You know how to use lead generation tools

What we offer

Freelance contract

Full remote conditions, in the comfort of your home:

  • we are familiar with remote work and have the adapted processes
  • you will benefit from a quality onboarding

Commissions on deals closed:

  • 50% ARR on signature day
  • ARR can range from €600 to €7200 per site and increase even more with usage
  • Our sales sign an average of 10 deals per month. Given current stats you would earn

A work environment that is:

  • caring and demanding, with colleagues who are very good at surpassing themselves on a daily basis and learning every day.
  • ultra-transparent: everything is shared (accounts, remuneration, work file, knowledge in all areas).

How to apply?

Click on the link below and follow the instructions.

Sales Account Executive - full remote - high-commission-only - melba - Freelance à Paris

melba recrute un(e) Sales Account Executive - full remote - high-commission-only à Paris !