What can I do with melba?

Melba provides an efficient way to optimize the management of your food production and distribution points (restaurants, caterers, bakeries, hotels-restaurants, etc.). Go digital to gain flexibility and control over the management of your knowledge, the optimization of your operations and the detection of underperformance.

Published on 04/28/2021Cladie Olivier

With melba, you can manage your profitability and improve your restaurant's operational processes. It is an effective way to optimize the management and performance of your business.

All of the following benefits are described in more detail on our home page.

Centralize your article / recipe knowledge

Melba gives you the possibility of constituting, sorting, organizing and personalizing information relating to your ingredients and recipe data sheets. This allows maximum value to be obtained (benefit from a better knowledge of your products, have access to your recipe data from anywhere thanks to a simple internet connection,...)

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Manage your costs and margins

More effectively control the buying and selling information of your items. You thus benefit from more visibility on your production costs and on your profitability.

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Work collaboratively on recipes

Promote collaborative work on the recipe by sharing the data in a secure and controlled manner.

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Generate your documents necessary for production, ordering, or accounting

Convert your recipe technical sheets into PDF format production slip with factored quantities.

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Convert production needs into XLS format purchase order for each supplier

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Generate an inventory report in PDF format by item category

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Meet traceability requirements

With melba you can:

  • Easily import CIQUAL nutritional information on ingredients
  • Get the calculation of nutritional information on recipes
  • Obtain the calculation of the food composition in INCO format on the recipes
  • Export this data
  • Manage temperature readings (roadmap)
  • Manage supplier labels (roadmap)

Manage your sales

Melba allows you to:

  • reconcile sales with costs to analyze your gross margin accurately
  • prepare quotes
  • adopt a central kitchen operation