6 New Restaurant Concepts to Know Before Getting Started

Planning to open your restaurant? Discover new trendy concepts in 2021!

Published on 08/07/2021Sébastien Vassaux

In catering, the concept defines all the elements that will create the image of your establishment. With a growing number of restaurants, your concept must be effective and differentiating to reach consumers.

New restaurant concepts emerge daily. Creating envy in increasingly volatile consumers requires focusing on the idea of the concept. Here's our selection of 6 new concepts that could take your restaurant to whole new level.

1. The "Fast Casual"

The Fast-Casual, a neologism that appeared a few years ago, is gaining more and more followers. Driven by the desire of gourmets to eat quality dishes, at an affordable price and in a short period of time, the concept of fast-casual is growing at an exponential speed.

This trend is also part of a desire to eat healthier and pay more attention to the origin of the foods consumed.

2. The Hygge

The Hygge is a concept that has its roots in Denmark. It is based on the mood for coziness, security and conviviality, with a cocooning atmosphere and a neutral color scheme. Many restaurants have launched using this concept.

Rattan armchairs, comfy cushions, climbing plants. Hygge restaurants do not skimp on anything to provide a feeling of well-being to their consumers.

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3. Container Restaurants

New challenges linked to the evolution of consumption patterns are emerging. After the food truck trend, restaurants fitted out in shipping containers offer a lot of flexibility to restaurateurs.

The affordable price of these containers, associated with their modularity, and their low power consumption (possibility of adding solar panels on the roof) make them an interesting concept, in particular for specialists in event catering.

4. Sensory Experiences

What better way to provide customers with a unique experience than to play with their senses? Restaurant owners can create a completely new experience by playing on the 5 senses: hearing, sight, smell, touch, and, of course, taste.

The experience of your consumers will be all the more important as it will facilitate word of mouth and improve your notoriety.

5. The Cultural Ecosystem

Urban green and blue spaces where music, cinema, street art, amongst many other things, as well as catering, are sometimes mixed in together - cultural ecosystems are on the rise. These places often have the vocation of promoting culture in all its forms, while offering something to eat and the promise of a good time.

6. Virtual Restaurants

These ghost restaurants, without tables or waiters, prepare the dishes upon receipt of the order. These dishes are then delivered by delivery companies (Uber Eat, Deliveroo, Just Eat...).

The concept, born in the United States, is not new, but global confinement has further accelerated this trend. Keep in mind, the restaurant is certainly virtual, but the discipline of the process is very real. No question of a dish being delivered cold to a customer!

A Successful Opening

Profitability calculation for your business plan, preparation of your card, global management to start with confidence...
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