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Published on 02/02/2023Sébastien Vassaux

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The sections of the help center

First Steps with Melba

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Configure Melba for your business to start without hassles

How to Create a Unit?

Create a packaging, production or sales unit.

How to access the mobile app

Melba is an application dedicated to mobile use

Manage products, articles and recipes

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Manage your databases of articles and recipe data sheets

How to create a sale price?

Set up sales information for an item

How to set up ingredients

How to create, modify and organize information of ingredients

Manage production

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Plan your production, share recipe sheets, prepare orders, manage labeling

How do I generate a commissary voucher?

Are your recipes ready to be produced?You can now generate a commissary voucher to list the quantities of raw products to be used

How to Generate a Production Sheet?

Are your recipes ready to be produced? You can now convert your recipe databases into “production sheets”

Manage Purchases

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How to create, send and track supplier orders

Understand and use the supplier orders section

Place an order with melba: generate the list of products to order by supplier, go back to your past orders to analyze or repeat them.

How to create supplier orders from scratch

Create and prepare supplier orders on melba

Manage Sales

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Discover how to leverage sales features

Understand and exploit the sales section

Discover the benefits of combining your sales with precise knowledge of the dishes and their costs per melba: manage your business by the margin, manage your quotes, manage your kitchen or central production lab.

Understand and use the ingredients and recipes section

Build your ingredients and recipes database. Use the different views depending on the analysis context.

Manage food traceability

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Hygiene and traceability to meet HACCP regulations

How to generate food labels

Easily print INCO labels or production labels (use by) of your preparations

How to register supplier labels and batches?

Register supplier labels to apply the HACCP method

Expert Usage of Melba

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Learn how to make the most of the Melba platform with our guides!

Manage User Rights

Find out how to manage rights on Melba

How to Carry Out Multiple Processes (deletion, etc.)

Learn how to master multiple processes that allow you to manage a large amount of data in just a few clicks.