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What is melba?

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Familiarize yourself with melba in a fun way

What can I do with melba?

Melba provides an efficient way to optimize the management of your food production and distribution points (restaurants, caterers, bakeries, hotels-restaurants, etc.). Go digital to gain flexibility and control over the management of your knowledge, the optimization of your operations and the detection of underperformance.

First steps with melba

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Configure the application for your business: set up the essential elements to get the most out of melba.

How do I invite a user to my organization?

Invite new collaborators into your organization and understand the notion of "user role".

How to import ingredient data on melba

Discover how to import ingredient data on melba

Manage your ingredients, stocks, and inventories

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How to create, modify and organize information related to ingredients, deals with stocks and inventories

How to edit an ingredient?

Editing an ingredient: adding or modifying information

Manage Your Recipe Database

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How to create, modify and organize your recipe information

How do I edit a recipe?

Editing a recipe: adding or modifying information

Manage purchases

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How to create, modify and send orders to your suppliers

How do I place an order from a recipe template?

Convert recipes into a list of items to order

Manage your production

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Schedule your production, share clear technical data sheets, anticipate your orders, manage your labeling

Discover the melba production module

Discover how to organize your production with melba: prepare the list of tasks to be carried out to facilitate communication with your colleagues and avoid errors, go back over your past productions to analyze or repeat them.

Manage your sales

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List sales from your cash register software or online sales, make quotes, analyze your margin

Discover the sales module of melba

Discover the benefits of cross-referencing your sales with melba's precise knowledge of the dishes and their costs: drive your business by the margin, manage your quotes, manage your kitchen or central production lab.

Get more from melba

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Find out how to get the most out of melba through the tool's advanced features

Templates on melba

Discover templates, which allow you to create production template, sales templates or more generally to manipulate all your data very easily!

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