The modern ERP for

Save thousands by exploiting the benefits of our software: optimization of margins, staff training, prevention of turnover, reimbursement of delivery anomalies, reduction of waste, inventory control, etc.

Melba - The modern ERP for restaurants

Improve your productivity and bottom line

Optimize profitability

Go into the details of your margins, delivery anomalies and losses. Save 5% of material cost per production site.

Save time

Optimize the tasks of your staff, simplify inventory and ordering operations, temperature readings and traceability operations.

Secure data

Centralize knowledge of ingredients and recipes to facilitate collaboration. Share it to shorten training time and avoid mistakes.

Save thousands!

Abandon Excel and its limits, move away from tools which are not user friendly and do not reflect the reality of the job. Melba fits food businesses and empowers their users.

Your business will earn several margin points or thousands per point of production and sale.

Main benefits

Analyze the details of your margins by taking into account weight loss and transformations

Track delivery anomalies and claim credit from suppliers

Through inventories, regain control: Inventory(N+1) = Inventory(N) + purchases - consumption + diff (losses, theft, etc.)

Reduce losses by optimizing operations

Connect your sales through your cash register and steer your business by margin management rather than turnover

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Manage your work operations

Save time in the management of your business operations: facilitate training and daily collaboration by sharing clear and controlled information.

Secure your business by digitizing all your data and retain your employees by adopting modern tools.

Main benefits

Manage your stocks of ingredients, recipes, drinks and make your inventory

Plan your production, distribute specific tasks and monitor progress

Prepare and send your supplier orders, control receptions


Optimize your traceability

Easily obtain data enriched with allergenic and nutritional information. Comply with labeling requirements and track your production with precision.

Main benefits

Get the recalculation of nutritional and allergenic information on recipes

Extract information relating to INCO labeling

Register your supplier labels

Trace the ingredients used right down to the finished products

Simply record temperature by storage location


Manage all your sites in a single interface

Melba adapts to the reality of your business in all circumstances. You can reproduce your multi-site scheme by distinguishing between several levels, by selectively sharing centralized data, by distinguishing between the nature of the sites: central purchasing, central production, point of sale.

Main benefits

Centralize your ingredient data and share it selectively to different sites

Optimize your production with central kitchen operation or central production laboratory

Reduce your costs and your management with central purchasing operation

Combine multi-site, central kitchen and central purchasing to generate many margin points

Manage multiple sites
Cross-device and easy set-up

Start easily with no set-up fee

Get started with Melba today without any constraints. Melba is a cloud-based software that runs on the browser and works on multiple devices. Deploy to one or hundreds of sites easily.

Main benefits

Test now without any assistance and start optimizing your business

Easily import and export data

Connect your cash register, labeling devices, etc.

Use the mobile application whenever it's more comfortable (in the kitchen, for orders, for inventory, etc.)

Get help from a project manager for large-scale deployments

Test for free

Remove any limits thanks to our API

Leverage enriched data in the context of your choice: connect your internal tools, your cash register, your website.

Let your creativity speak for itself and add value without depending on our roadmap.

Main benefits

Connect your cash register and compare your turnover with our precise knowledge of costs

Connect your website to enrich your dishes with nutritional and allergenic information

Benefit from comprehensive and modern documentation

Gain full control over your data and achieve your ambitions

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The Benefits Don't End There...


Your data remains your exclusive property. It is protected and you set the level of access that each member of your team can have.


Our users praise our ergonomic design for its simplicity and light touch. 100% accessible through mobile !


Melba adapts to the way your business works, not the other way around. The kitchen is your business, the technology is ours!


We will support you from day 1 and remain available to assist you at any time. You will never feel lost.

User rights

Easily invite your colleagues by email. They will receive individual access permissions which you can configure and revoke.

Multiple sites

Connect multiple point of sales of productions sites to a single interface and leverage standardized data and operations across your whole business.

Take back control over your kitchen

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