6 Alternatives to Traditional Suppliers

Discover our 6 alternatives to traditional suppliers!

Published on 03/03/2023

For René Redzepi, chef of Noma--considered one of the best restaurants in the world: "It is imperative to have the best products and therefore the best suppliers. Without them we would not stand out from other restaurants." Products are the basis of everything in a kitchen, so their selection must be the chef's main concern. Discover our 6 alternatives to traditional suppliers:

Sourcing Locally

Working directly with a small producer

Small-scale producers are generally eager to develop their production if they know they have a buyer for it. Working with a trusted small-scale producer ensures consistent quality of products. Working in a short circuit also offers more flexibility in the relationship and allows for a more personalized offer.

Buying from small merchants

Many restaurateurs choose to buy labor-intensive products, such as desserts, from a local bakery--rather than using a large workforce. There is no need to be ashamed, just be transparent with your customers and highlight the bakers on your menu.

This is an interesting solution to broaden your offer, without cutting your production capacity and labor costs.

Search for producers with Baladovore

The idea of Baladovore is simple, and yet, innovative: to geolocate, in France, the best producers near your restaurant. The application, available to iOS users, allows you to find the best suppliers around your establishment and access their profiles.

This database is based on a network of prescribing chefs: from Alain Passard to Guy Savoy. Moreover, there is no commercial logic behind it! Chefs know the good producers and have no worries about sharing their little secrets. All this is done on a logic of sharing and mutual aid.

Optimize your supplier orders

Save time, avoid mistakes, claim assets...
Discover Melba

To Buy Online

Supli - The ordering tool for catering professionals

Supli is a platform that digitizes the procurement from suppliers. The tool allows you to save time, by ordering easily from your suppliers where and when you want deliveries. The platform gives you access to a directory of suppliers to discover new sources of supply; and also the possibility to discuss directly with them on the application.

Green Procurement with Califrais

Pierre, Simon and Ross have known each other for over 10 years. In 2014, they set out to make their dream come true: start a business around a project that brings together the values they share: eco-responsibility, innovation, love of cooking and good products.

Califrais is an online solution for ordering fresh and high quality products. The platform focuses on organic and local products, but also on the reduction of CO2 emissions--thanks to delivery trucks running on natural gas. For the record, the sales team also travels by electric scooters!

StoqueMarket - The quality marketplace for your suppliers

With StoqueMarket, you can order from your suppliers in a few clicks. The application also gives you the opportunity to create shopping lists and easily find your order history. Finally, the prices are updated in real time and the platform is completely free and without commitment.