Discover the 5 Best Training Courses to Open a Restaurant

If you are planning to open your restaurant, several training courses can help you acquire business knowledge quickly. Don't miss out!

Published on 03/03/2023Sébastien Vassaux

Do you wish to open or to take over a restaurant? Do you feel like you lack skills in certain areas? Following a training course can be a good way to prepare yourself quickly and to improve your skills, thanks to the teaching from industry professionals.

When it comes to opening a restaurant, no diploma is required by law. This is not a reason to not train for the challenges that are ahead of you. There are several positions to consider when opening a restaurant: entrepreneur, manager, cook, marketer, etc. Fortunately, many training courses exist to help you quickly master these different roles. Here is a selection of the 6 best training courses to open your restaurant:

1. La Frégate - The Restaurant Incubator

The incubator was born 3 years ago, with the desire to respond to a problem: two out of three restaurants close after only 3 years of activity. La Frégate's training is comprehensive and addresses a multitude of challenges encountered by people who open a restaurant. Plan development, administrative procedures, various popular concepts and communication--amongst many other important goals.

The objective for incubated people is to be able to open their restaurant 3 to 6 months after the start of the training. The stated goal of La Frégate is to ensure the viability and solidity of a project before any launch.

Restaurant Opening

Profitability calculation for your business plan, preparation of your card, global management to start with confidence, etc...
Open with confidence

2. Ferrandi Paris - The Fundamentals of Team Management

Team management is crucial in the future success of your restaurant. Uniting your team around the objectives of the company and creating a managerial climate conducive to team loyalty and empowerment...These are the challenges that the training at Ferrandi Paris will prepare you for. For valuable information, the school is a reference in the world of Gastronomy and Hotel Management

3. Zestformation - Create the Restaurant Menu

Creating the menu for your restaurant and structuring your offer is a real challenge when opening your restaurant. Your menu must of course be attractive to your consumers, but it also affects your profitability. So don't completely rush your menu, you will have to invest time on this step.

The day training offered by Zestformation addresses all of the challenges behind the creation of your restaurant menu.

4. Cegos - Succeed in Your Business Plan

The Business Plan is essential in defining your commercial and financial balance. Unfortunately, not everyone is an expert in building such a document. There are specific methods and a methodology to follow to ensure the viability of your Business Plan.

Good to know : The CEGOS training , which lasts 2 days, is eligible for the CPF.

5. The Paul Bocuse Institute - Learn the Secrets of Gastronomy

The Paul Bocuse Institute is a school recognized around the world for the quality of its teaching. Known as a reservoir of talent and expertise, the school also offers vocational training.

The Cuisine and Horizon training combines the learning of culinary techniques, product knowledge and an introduction to restaurant management. Mixture of theory and practice, this training will be ideal for people in professional retraining and in search of a wide expertise before starting a restaurant.