How to Guide Drivers to Your Points of Sale with Waze?

Discover how to guide drivers to your points of sale with Waze Local.

Published on 08/31/2021Sébastien Vassaux

The health crisis continues to persist and despite a gradual resumption of on-site service, many restaurateurs are struggling to attract customers. To put all the chances on your side, why not try to guide drivers to your restaurant?

One of the key things restaurant owners can do to target their customers is letting local residents know where you are. Putting your business at the forefront of those customers can dramatically increase your point-of-sale traffic and local awareness.

What's Local Waze?

In France alone, Waze has almost 12.5 million users every week. Its free use makes it one of the most used GPS applications in France. However, you should not be too gullible about its price: "if it's free, you are the product". Indeed, Waze uses the data of its users to then sell advertisements in the application.

Waze local is an advertising offer aimed at merchants who want to attract traffic to their point of sale. The goal is to target drivers in a defined area via smart ads.

This is an attractive solution compared to traditional search engine advertising, since the advertising volume and competition are much lower.

How does advertising work on Waze?

For the moment the ROI on Waze Local is very interesting, mainly thanks to the low number of companies currently using the service. Waze local has two offers:

The Start offer: from $ 2 / day, start generating store visits with a pin on the map. If you have multiple points of sale, you can add up to 10 to the map.

The Plus offer: if you have more than one restaurant or franchise, you can add up to 50 franchises

Waze offers several ad formats to suit the needs of each client:

Sponsored Pins: Pins appear like any other sign and warn motorists of the presence of your point of sale nearby.

Sponsored search: thanks to this feature, as soon as a user searches for a route, your point of sale will appear at the end with your logo.

Takeover (at a standstill) : when the driver is at a standstill, the Takeover format highlights a sign with your offers to the motorist.

Thanks to the Waze Ads interface, you have access to different insights concerning your campaigns: reach of your ads, engagement, frequentation of points of sale... You also have the possibility of controlling your budgets by adjusting according to several criteria.

To maximize your ROI, we recommend that you try Local Waze as part of promotional offers or events.

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