Opening Your Restaurant: The 6 Essential Steps to Follow

Everyday, at least three people in France take the plunge and open their own restaurant. Tempted by the adventure? Melba has the ultimate 6 steps not to be missed!

Published on 08/07/2021Hind Andaloussi

Everyday, at least three people in France take the plunge and open their own restaurant. Tempted by the adventure? Melba has the ultimate 6 steps not to be missed!

1 - Establish the Identity of Your Restaurant

You will have to think about the concept behind your project: what will be the name of your restaurant? The type of dishes you will be serving? The price range in which you will position yourself? The desired atmosphere and decoration? 
This is how you will determine your competitive advantage. The key is to be consistent and to think about the restaurant as a whole: this is how you will build a real identity for it. Also imagine your target; their age category, their needs, and why they will be visiting your restaurant.

2 - Know Your Market

To do this, establish a quick market study. Your market research will determine the current catering market (its nature, its trends), the potential clientele (their mode of consumption, their habits and behaviors) as well as your competitors (who are they? What is their strategy, their competitive advantage?). Market research is an important step because it will allow you to project yourself clearly.

3 - Choose Your Location Wisely

Make sure you find the ideal location by asking yourself the right questions: is it in a busy area? Is the establishment visible from the outside? Is it close to a parking lot, to public transport? Where are your competitors? If your establishment is near other restaurants: is this a risk or an opportunity? You may also be considering taking over a business, in which case, the same points will have to be raised.

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4 - Project Yourself Financially

Build a portfolio that will establish your financial scenarios and forecasts for the next three years. Expenses, loans, sale estimates. These calculations, no matter how minimal, will be very useful to you. They will force you to lay your project flat out and, thus, giving you a better concrete look at your finances. Above all, it will also help you to showcase your project in a clear and operational manner to your bank.

To further prepare, check out how to optimize your business plan.

5 - Make Sure You Don't Miss Out Any Procedures

Before opening your restaurant, you will be asked to complete a number of formalities.
In particular, you will need to obtain an operating permit, obtain a license authorizing the sale of alcoholic beverages and undergo hygiene training. Also, keep yourself well informed on the various safety standards, accessibility and authorized opening hours. Above all, make your administrative opening declaration with your town hall (or at the police headquarters, if you are based in Paris), and if your restaurant has a terrace, ask for authorization. These procedures should be carried out at least 15 days in advance.
Finally, don't forget to register with the Registry of Commerce and Companies and draw up your legal statutes.

6 - Have Someone Accompany You!

The profession of restaurateur requires a lot of versatility. It is not easy to manage all aspects of the profession, which is why it will be beneficial for you to equip yourself with a solid working tool, which will boost your efficiency. Our solution acts as a mentor: it will optimize your management and, thus, save you time and money.