6 Good Ideas for a Successful Holiday Season in Your Restaurant!

Take advantage of the holiday season to optimize certain aspects of your business.

Published on 08/07/2021Cladie Olivier

Take advantage of the holiday season to optimize certain aspects of your business which your customers are sensitive to.

1. Make sure you have sufficient human resources to be able to cope with the influx calmly

Snaking magazine published in 2016 that restaurant attendance increased by 10% on average during the month of December. According to a study by the npd group published last year, the average expenditure for dinners taken in sit-down catering increases by 20% in France, during the end-of-year holiday period. If the customers are more numerous and ready to spend more, they are, on the other hand, more demanding on the quality of the expected service. It's therefore important that the lack of personnel is not a stressor for your employees.

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2. Don't neglect the children!

The month of December is also a period when the type of clientele changes. The restaurants are more frequented by families. Happy children are an essential point in the loyalty of your customers!

  • Make your team aware of the potential proposed services and the discourse to adopt
  • Offer a tasty, aesthetic menu at an attractive price by offering suitable quantities.
  • Plan activities to put on the tables
  • Variable costs: material costs, temporary staff, financial costs
  • Fixed costs: permanent staff, overhead or overhead costs

3. Optimize your economic profitability by offering a specific drink menu

There is a net increase in expenditure by the customers in the restaurant sector in December. Customers tend to indulge in a dessert or drink more easily compared to the rest of the year. Take the opportunity to offer an adapted drink menu.

  • Revisit your wine list to offer new references (which could represent good food / wine pairings with the planned menu).
  • Increase the number of references offered by the glass.
  • Anticipate your champagne reserves whose consumption doubles in December (source: npd group)
  • Provide drinks / non-alcoholic cocktails for young audiences
  • Suggest and highlight some references of original cocktails (this requires preparation beforehand)
  • And most importantly: make sure you are maximizing your ratios on all drinks. This will undoubtedly make the difference on your numbers! (You can use the Melba software to optimize your profitability)

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Optimized profitability

beverage management, profitability calculation, multiple margin levels
Optimized profitability

4. Anticipate special diets

In France, more than 35% of the population follows a specific diet. If you opt for a unique menu, don't forget to check the dietary constraints of your guests (special diets, prohibited foods, allergies, etc.). The more you will be able to anticipate these elements, the more your service will be fluid and qualitative and pleasant for your staff as for your customers.

5. Engage your community!

Communicate on your menu and events on social media. Make your customers salivate by making them follow your preparation (test recipes, cocktails, etc.) Be visual and aesthetic: rely on authentic photos made with care. Also, take the reflex to contact your customers from last year to tell them about your events for this year. If they were happy customers last year, there's no reason they wouldn't come back this year 😊.

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6. Finally, keep in mind that the “wow” effect is often hidden in the small details!

Pay extra attention to the decoration, to your table linen. Keep in mind that your ambition is not only to satisfy your customers with this service but also to make them come back!

Happy New Year's Eve to you!