"The solution to build the optimal personnel schedule for your business."

Published on 08/07/2021Sébastien Vassaux

"The solution to build the optimal personnel schedule for your business."

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🙂 The advantages of Skello

  • The solution is primarily intended for the hotel and catering sector
  • Considerable time savings
  • Modern and intuitive interface
  • Collaborative

☑️ What does Skello do?

Skello is a specialized planning management tool for the catering and hotel industry. The solution makes it possible to:

  • Quickly create your weekly schedules
  • Communicate in real time with its employees
  • Process payroll automatically
  • Analyze performance
  • Track the arrivals and departures of its employees
  • Generate documents easily

👩‍🍳 Who is Skello for?

Skello is mainly aimed at hotel and restaurant professionals:

  • Fast food
  • Traditional catering
  • Food trade
  • Bakery
  • Hotel
  • Caterer

💲 What are the price offers of Skello?

The solution offers 4 offers (basic, success, premium, business). The prices are only on estimate.

📌 Features in detail of Skello

  • Quick planning creation
  • Real-time communication to your employees
  • Automatic payroll processing
  • Performance analysis
  • Badger
  • Document generation

👁️ What does Skello look like?

Discover Skello's videos, to see their ergonomics: here .


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