In 2021 Melba Will Take You Further!

A retrospective of 2020 and a projection to 2021

Published on 08/07/2021Sébastien Vassaux

The Melba team wishes you a very nice and happy new year!

A retrospection of 2020

2020 has been a very complicated year for all players in the restaurant business. The covid crisis has forced the majority of the players to close their businesses for many months and Melba has observed a drastic reduction in activity leading to numerous bankruptcies.

The situation is not yet resolved and we are faced with many challenges, but with the arrival of the vaccines, we can hope to control the contaminations and thereby reopen and return to normal during the year.

Many people have become aware of the challenges of digitization and Melba has helped its partners to:

  • secure their data  to prevent the negative effects of turnover
  • reduce the costs  of dishes to compensate for a decrease in turnover
  • organize the production  of orders placed online.

Melba has also significantly improved its product, which today has the best ergonomics in the world in its field, with:

  • a renovation of the interface: very flexible data lists with multiple options
  • putting the production schedule online to  schedule  tasks and facilitate stock / destock operations
  • the calculation of  nutritional information and INCO composition  to facilitate your labeling
  • the appearance of models making it possible to repeat actions: destocking / restocking products, putting back into production, re-observing sales, reprinting the list of allergens on your card, etc.

In 2021, Melba takes you far

Melba today has a surprising capacity for development thanks to very mature sales and development teams.

2021 is the year in which we assert our presence with chains and large catering groups, up to hundreds of production and sales sites. This is the opportunity to standardize the data on multiple sites and evangelize best practices and gain multiple points of margin.

This is also the year in which we capitalize on the maturity of our product to significantly renovate restaurant management through the following themes: revolutionary profitability optimization, traceability management, integrations and use cases without limits with the opening of our API.

Revolutionary profitability optimization

Melba already allows you to enter, like no other tool, in the details of the margins of each product, thanks to a very flexible data model making it possible to represent the reality of the restaurant business.

We will also soon allow you:

  • to integrate online sales and your cash register software : without reinventing these tools, we will review their data flows to cross them with our in-depth knowledge of costs and give you a reading of your day-to-day margin and by category. For the first time in catering, we will be able to manage our business by the margin rather than by the turnover and make very relevant decisions.
  • identify losses via inventories : you will be able to reconcile the inventory of one month with that of the next and take into account entries (supplier orders) and exits (sales) to understand what is not working (the differential corresponding to losses, staff meals, etc.).
  • obtain credit for delivery anomalies: there are traditionally up to 5% errors in all supplier orders. Due to their non-digitalization and the absence of an interface to list and process these errors, the catering industry abandons the assets they could claim from suppliers, which totals up to 5% of their purchases, therefore several margin points or thousands of euros per production site.

Start-to-end traceability

In line with the implementation of INCO labeling and production planning, Melba will iterate until it offers complete management of traceability:

  • supplier labels: no more shoeboxes or Excel files that allow you to reference supplier labels, all this will become digital and easily manipulated
  • temperature readings: for each storage area, you can read the temperatures and report through problem alerts to react and avoid even greater difficulties
  • the sanitary control plan: you will be able to report on cleaning and other actions necessary for good hygiene
  • Start-to-end traceability: you will be able to trace the presence of batches to the finished products and provide quality information in the event of health checks.

An endless world with our API

Our entire interface communicates with our servers via an API, which means that all the data used in the interface is extremely structured and documented.

By opening our API, sharing our documentation and advanced authentication systems, there will no longer be any limits to the use and integration of Melba.

In particular you will be able to:

  • synchronize the sales of your cash register software : we are already in discussions with the majority of the modern players to implement integrations ourselves, and others can be made freely by the developers of these respective solutions or yours
  • use the enriched Melba data on your website : you can display nutritional and allergenic information on your site, or send online orders directly to our sales or production module
  • configure alerts and synchronize multiple tools with each other with the help of interfaces such as Zapier
  • integrate other internal systems, outsource the production of new features to internal and external developers, extract more data and reprocess it for advanced analyses or re-inject it after transformation, etc.


Our sector of activity is not at the end of its difficulties, but we are not giving up.

Melba will redouble its energy to help you get the most out of your business.

See you soon on Melba and good luck!