Full Traceability with the Health Control Plan

The HACCP module is finalized and completed with the Health Control Plan (HCP)

Published on 12/16/2022Sébastien Vassaux

Dear partners, the melba team is pleased to announce that the traceability module is now completed by the health control plan (PMS)!

This iteration includes:

  • Reporting hygiene tasks
  • Reporting oil readings
  • Task scheduling

Here below is what the traceability module contains. To subscribe to this module, go directly the subscription section of your account, or contact us via this form.

🧹 Hygiene tasks

Melba allows you to report hygiene tasks carried out: cleaning of floors & surfaces, etc. specifying the areas concerned, the equipment to be used, the products or methods and the designated managers.

🛢️ Oil statement

You can report on oil readings and changes, take photos, comment in detail.

🌡️Temperature readings

You can define target, min and max temperatures by zone, report temperature and be notified if the deviation is too high.

🚚 Labeling

Melba already makes it possible to manage labeling, in a more complete way than other traceability solutions, given the rich functionality provided by the other modules. You can :

  • record supplier labels upon receipt or when you use a product in production
  • generate labels for intermediate productions
  • generate INCO labels with full calculation of allergens, food composition and nutrition facts
  • perform end-to-end traceability by linking labels and batch numbers of ingredients and intermediate productions to final productions
  • completely customize labeling by defining the target format once, adaptable to any packaging and printer.

⏲️ Task scheduling

Tasks can be programmed and suggested to operators every morning to avoid oversights! Choose the right schedule, operator, area, material and method and everything will be suggested at the start of the day for easy entry. Your operators will only have to see the completion of the task.

🛠 Other Improvements

  • Advanced analytics:  for several months now, the dashboard has given you access to advanced analytics. Discover, for example, the cost pie chart in a recipe, the history of your supplier prices or even the dispersion chart for your margins:
  • bulk editions of the production planning:   you can bulk edit the quantities of your production schedule at once, for example to indicate the number of guests or put all the tasks in "finished" status.
  • transfers between storage areas: you could already follow your stock in detail, know its state and all the movements that led to its value, identify discrepancies during inventories and try to reduce them by characterizing them. You can now also transfer stock from the commissary to the bar, from a reserve to the lab, etc.

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