The Production Schedule is Online 👨‍🍳

The production schedule is finally online on the Melba application, check it now!

Published on 08/07/2021

A new production planning

Caterer, restaurateur, baker? You can now manage your production intuitively:

 🍳 Actively follow the progress of production

💪 Control the costs of each service

🍞 Alert your kitchen of missing products on the shelves

The days of managing production on a Velleda white board are over!

Nothing better than a concrete example to understand:

👉 I have a template of production tasks. After some reflection, I decided to add 25 blue cords to this list.

👉 With just one click, I can prepare the order list for all these dishes. That is to say that in one click, I can obtain the list of all the ingredients to make the recipes and the sub-recipes for these dishes.

👉 I get complete orders that I can send to my suppliers.

✅ There you go, your production is managed from A to Z.

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The practical guide to opening a restaurant

Several entrepreneurs tell us that they want to open a restaurant despite the current situation.

Not impossible, but we will have to redouble our efforts to ensure the solidity of the project.

To help them, we have published a practical guide to prepare for the opening of their restaurant.

Opening a restaurant

Profitability calculation for your business plan, preparation of your card, global management to start with confidence...
Open with confidence