Le beurre et l'argent du beurre #2

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Published on 12/13/2021Sébastien Vassaux


Hope you are all doing well! Welcome to the people who have joined us! I'm super happy to see this community grow!

Are you ready to increase your profitability even further and save a lot of time in the kitchen?

This month, we have new features that will surely help you get there a little faster ...

So, what's new at melba 🥚?

✅ Mobile application: In mobile navigation, go to the Administrator menu and click on the Mobile app tab to install the application

✅ Identify the owner : we have added the notion of "owner" to identify who created a data or an event (example: an order)

✅ Commissary voucher : We have also added the commissary voucher to list the stock unit needs and therefore remove from stock the "conditioned" items necessary for production

And the Melbees of the month medal goes to ... 🥇

At melba, we attach great importance to the flexibility and possibilities offered by our solution. It is in this logic that we have built and structured our API. Our goal: to allow you to unleash all the power of melba to optimize your business.

This month, one of our clients (a prestigious school), managed to take full advantage of our API.

Their need: to define an alert when the amount of an order exceeds 1000 euros.

By connecting the software to Zapier to our API, they have implemented an automation that sends an email as soon as the order amount exceeds 1000 €. Well done to them! 💪

And because we can not help but give you gifts, here is a small selection of items that (we hope with all our 💗) that will help you even more to earn butter and money butter.

This month, focus on hygiene and traceability:

🍑 Kitchen cleaning plan in pdf or excel

🍑 HACCP training, the options at your disposal

Have a nice week,

And keep doing everything to earn the butter ... and the butter money 🧈

The Melba team