How to control the temperature of storage areas

Record and control the temperature of storage areas according to the HACCP method

Published on 12/13/2022Hind Andaloussi

Control the temperature of the refrigerated areas and centralize the readings to comply with HACCP regulations

Why record the temperature of refrigerated storage areas?

An establishment has the obligation to guarantee the wholesomeness of foodstuffs in stock. To do this, he must ensure that the goods do not suffer a break in the cold chain. This daily monitoring is necessary to certify the quality of your products and the conformity of your cold enclosures in the event of inspection by the hygiene services.

If a temperature measured exceeds the alert threshold, it is necessary to carry out a second check inside the product and note the corrective action that has been taken (product discarded, change of zone, etc.)

How to take a temperature reading?

To take a reading, you must first ensure that you have correctly configured the storage areas.

The list of temperature records is accessible in the Traceability tab of the main menu

The scrolling title in the header provides access to the temperature readings

To create a statement you must:

  1. Click on Create a temperature reading via the " + " at the bottom left
  2. Select the storage area to control
  3. Enter the statement date
  4. Report the temperature measured in ° C
  5. Select the signatory
  6. Validate by clicking on the Create button

If a temperature measured exceeds the alert threshold, a red dot will notify (on overflight) the user and invite him to initiate corrective action and then report it to the corresponding reading.

The contextual menu of each zone represented by the symbol "  " makes it possible to:

  • Edit statement
  • Delete statement