How to Proceed with Oil Readings

Figure out how to proceed with oil readings of the Health Control Plan (HCP)

Published on 12/16/2022Sébastien Vassaux

here is how you can proceed with oil readings of the Health Control Plan (HCP)

Why control oils?

An catering business has the obligation to guarantee the absence of food poisoning. However, frying oils degrade over time and it is necessary to control and change them to guarantee food safety.

In the event of a health check, the statement of cooking oils makes it possible to guard against legal risk and fines.

How to report the oil reading?

To report an oil reading, you must first ensure that you have correctly configured the storage areas

It's also best to have previously scheduled the automatic creation of tasks in order to:

  • avoid operators from having to enter all the settings and thus validate tasks very quickly
  • avoid forgetting a task

The list of oil readings is available in the Traceability tab of the main menu

The drop-down title in the header provides access to oil readings.

To log a value that has not yet been programmed, you must:

  1. Click on Create a task via the " + " at the bottom left or the main button of the screen when there is not one yet
  2. Select the task type "oil"
  3. Select the area to control
  4. Choose the surface or the material concerned
  5. Indicate the products and methods required
  6. Indicate the date of the expected statement if it is a schedule. This value will be replaced by the current time when the operator indicates that the task is finished.
  7. Indicate the status of the task
  8. Add a comment if needed

The contextual menu of each zone represented by the "  " symbol allows you to:

  • Edit task
  • Delete Task