Discover the best alternative to Galley

Like Galley, Melba is an all-in-one ERP for the management of your kitchen. Melba is the number one solution to structure your kitchen recipes whilst staying in touch with the reality of your business.

Melba - The modern ERP for restaurants

Questions fréquentes

What other kitchen management software is Melba a good alternative to?

Melba is the best alternative to Koust, Apicbase, Deepsight, Marketman...

What makes Melba different from the competition?

Melba is an evolutionary solution: with updates every week and a constant evolution of the product, the improvements are always done with quality in mind.

Is it possible to test the tool before subscribing?

Have you ever bought something without trying it? That's why you can test the tool for free for 7 days and start optimizing your kitchen.

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The Benefits Don't End There...


Your data remains your exclusive property. It is protected and you set the level of access that each member of your team can have.


Our users praise our ergonomic design for its simplicity and light touch. 100% accessible through mobile !


Melba adapts to the way your business works, not the other way around. The kitchen is your business, the technology is ours!


We will support you from day 1 and remain available to assist you at any time. You will never feel lost.

User rights

Easily invite your colleagues by email. They will receive individual access permissions which you can configure and revoke.

Multiple sites

Connect multiple point of sales of productions sites to a single interface and leverage standardized data and operations across your whole business.

Take back control over your kitchen

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