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Restaurant Opening

How to open a restaurant?

Every day, three people in France take the plunge and open their restaurant. 60% of them close their doors after three years. Before opening a restaurant, it's essential to think about and complete the different steps that will make you successful:

  • How to find the idea for your future restaurant?
  • Prepare your business plan
  • Training to succeed in opening a restaurant
  • Grants and subsidies
  • Administrative procedures
  • Identifying HR needs and recruiting qualified staff
  • Equip your kitchen
  • Advertise the opening of your restaurant

    The ultimate guide to opening a restaurant in 2021
With Melba

Prepare your menu

Prepare your menu and quickly calculate your profitability

Main benefits

Enhance your recipe data with nutritional and allergenic information

Identify the right ingredients and lay the foundation for your supplier relationships

Manage your recipe knowledge
With Melba

Implement hygiene and traceability procedures

HACCP, Sanitary Control Plan, labeling: manage your hygiene and traceability

Main benefits

Apply the HACCP method and respect the legal obligations

Prepare your labeling to track your products

Define your traceability method to ensure food safety for your customers

Manage your hygiene and traceability
With Melba

Facilitate obtaining financing from banks or investors

Simulate your profitability and reassure your banker

Main benefits

Calculate your profitability dish by dish taking into account the losses

Perform global profitability simulations

Simulate supplier order placement and avoid surpluses

Share the data with your bankers or investors to convince or reassure them

Optimize your profitability
With Melba

Prepare all your steps before you start

Production, sales analysis, interconnections via API: prepare your steps

Main benefits

Plan your production and distribute clear tasks to your teams

Analyze your sales to make sure you are producing profitable things

Prepare the interconnection with your other software to be ready when opening

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