Optimize the management of your

Everything to optimize the management of a culinary training center: resources to help students improve, the free Melba application to manage stocks, recipes, production, purchases and sales.

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Optimize the management of your catering school with melba

How to facilitate the management of a culinary training center?

At Melba, we are specialists in the management of culinary activities, and we equip a wide spectrum of catering professionals: restaurateurs, caterers, bakers, butchers, schools, dark kitchens, etc.

We have developed the world's most intuitive app to help with:

  • organization of business knowledge: ingredients, recipes, suppliers, etc.
  • operations management: inventories, production, supplies, sales, traceability.

We are in partnership with multiple schools and content editors and we offer:

  • a free account to train your students in good management practices
  • a separate account to switch to the modern world and get rid of old solutions. If you have an ancient solution, like other schools, you will want to switch to Melba to obtain numerous performance gains and convergence between your teaching tool and your internal management tool.
Wtih Melba

Benefit from a modern software to train your students

With Melba, you can prepare your students for their professional future by training them for free on a modern and flexible software.

Main benefits

A free account with detailed management of access rights for your students and teachers

A digital, printable recipe book with calculation of costs, allergens and nutritional information

A very fun and ergonomic interface: the only interface in the world that students would want to use

Editor partners like Nathan to help you organize exercises for students

Wtih Melba

Switch your internal management to a modern software

Your school probably has a software that is not modern. Like others before you, switch to Melba to simplify your management and discover new opportunities.

Main benefits

Forget overloaded and slow screens: our interface is fluid and fast

Start with default data easily: we can duplicate a partner's database on your account or you can use imports from excel files

Adapt our tool to your specificities with our API and our support to help you with the configurations

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Wtih Melba

Everything to organize properly

Melba was created in an educational context. The corresponding constraints are therefore well known and you will find what you expect from us.

Main benefits

Integrate your data easily from a partner account or Excel files

Digitize your ingredients listings and recipes then compose your training catalogs

Allow teachers to generate order sheets which the dedicated employee will place and dispatch in the laboratory before the classes begin

Manage your other operations easily in the same interface: inventoriessales analysis and traceability

A modern school

The answers to all your questions

Is the Melba software free?

Melba is free for educational use only. We offer a free of charge account to culinary training centers in exchange for referral links to our domain.

Outside of educational use, training centers and other clients pay a subscription fee.

How to get started?

Fill in our contact form and leave the contact details of the person in charge of your software equipment. Tell us what your intent is: educational and / or internal management use.

What are the differences with existing tools?

Melba offers a modern and dynamic web interface. People who are not tech-savvy can use it and experts can go much further. Melba is today's tool: simple and complete!

Who uses Melba?

Many schools use Melba and we are in partnership with players in the editorial world.

For instance, Nathan is offering student exercises on our software.

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