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melba The modern ERP for restaurants

How to properly manage a restaurant chain or group?

While scaling from one to tens or even hundreds of sites, your organization must be transformed.

All functions are under pressure and there is a need to professionalize each department. Operations management is paramount and requires software equipment. However, until now there was no satisfactory solution: before melba, you had to make a choice between very expensive tailor-made development and off-the-shelf solutions that do not allow customization.

With melba, you can optimize all your back-office operations without sacrificing ergonomics or scalability.

  1. Centralize knowledge and share it effectively
  2. Help employees in the management of transactional elements: stocks, supplier orders, production, traceability
  3. Negotiate purchasing costs or even adopt a central purchasing operation
  4. Optimize the culinary offer or even adopt a production center operation
  5. Impose margin objectives and control them
  6. Scale up with the franchise concept
  7. Analyze all your data to identify avenues for optimization
  8. Synchronize your tools or build custom workflows via APIs to gain even more productivity
With Melba

Centralize business knowledge to facilitate training, sharing and profitability

In your multi-site system, compliance with the processes by the different members is a guarantee of profitability, and is even the basis of interest in franchise concepts.

With melba, manage your multiple points of sale and production in a single interface.

Main benefits

Represent the reality of your multi-site system in melba and switch between sites with ease

Share catalogs of recipes and ingredients to facilitate maintenance, analyzes and guarantee the respect of proportions and profitability

Train your employees quickly and retain them by adopting modern tools. Help them focus on high value-added tasks

Centralize knowledge
With melba

Obtain productivity gains in the management of transactional aspects

Melba helps you manage the operations of each of your sites to increase productivity

Main benefits

Take precise inventories to identify discrepancies: Inventory N+1 = inventory N + purchases - consumption

Digitize supplier orders and obtain credit notes on delivery anomalies

Schedule production, anticipate your purchases, perform end-to-end monitoring and efficient dispatch

Manage all your traceability operations: temperature readings, labelling, health control plan, etc.

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Central kitchen

Organize your central kitchen / production lab

Set up a central kitchen operation to obtain economies of scale in production. The central kitchen will become one of the suppliers of your points of sale

Main benefits

Centralize the preparation of dishes via a dedicated team

Aggregate orders from multiple outlets and easily schedule total production by deducting available inventory

Dispatch to points of sale and manage delivery anomalies

Manage multiple central kitchens spread across different geographies

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Purchasing center

Reduce your costs with a purchasing center

Set up a central purchasing operation to improve your purchasing power with suppliers

Main benefits

Centralize purchases with a structure that will have better bargaining power

Distinguish purchases directly, by the head office, or the production lab

Gain standardization to avoid financial excesses

Save on your purchases

Leverage our API to unlock even more value

Our API allows access to all the data entered on the platform in multiple contexts, one of them being our interface. This removes all limitations encountered in traditional software

Main benefits

Synchronize your different tools with our API: website, old ERP, database, etc.

Build additional features without depending on our roadmap

Identify new technical opportunities with high added value

Optimize your business without limit

How do I get started ?

Our common goal is to save you time and money.

To move forward, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Contact us via the contact form and let us know your preliminary need
  2. A business manager will contact you quickly to go into the details
  3. We will evaluate together the earning potential that our application will bring to you
  4. We will define how to integrate our application with your current systems
  5. We will launch the deployment

With melba there is no need for 3 months of setup. In less than 2 weeks everything can be put in place by your teams who will maintain a high level of control over all the elements.

Take back control over your kitchen

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