The #1 management tool for hotel restaurants

Select a modern tool to pilot your restaurant and catering businesses.

Optimize the profitability of your buffet, your restaurant and your bar.

melba The modern ERP for hotel-restaurants
With Melba

Prepare buffets with ease and reduce losses

Enter a modern world by digitizing kitchen data. Optimize production to avoid losses.

Main benefits

Compose a realistic and dynamic recipe database to speed up your work

Program your production for an approximate number of guests with different cravings, thanks to templates

Easily identify reusable leftovers versus what to throw away

Diminish losses
With Melba

Optimize business operations

Save time in the management of business operations: facilitate training and daily collaboration by sharing clear and controlled information.

Secure your business by digitizing all of your data and prevent turnover thanks to modern tools.

Main benefits

Digitize your ingredients list and supplier information

Save time in managing supplier orders / procurement

Manage stocks of ingredients, recipes and drinks and make your inventory

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With Melba

Connect your cash register data and analyze your business

Make your catering a profit center by steering this segment by its margin rather than revenue.

Main benefits

Manage your buffet, bar and restaurant on the same interface

Optimize ratios dish by dish and overall, control profitability

Synchronize sales to get an overview of your margin

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Take back control over your kitchen

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