Effortlessly organize your production

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Effortlessly organize your production

What is good production management?

Organizing a food production at scale requires rigor and diligence. Don't leave the different components to chance--equip yourself with software solutions to save time and focus on the essentials.

The keys to good production management:

  1. Know how to create a recipe database
  2. Become a master in menu creation--though a database of multiple programmed recipes
  3. Use shift sheets, definitions, daily use and follow-up control
  4. Control the production schedule
  5. Know how to choose your raw materials
  6. Optimize supply, storage and finished products
  7. Perform health checks during production
  8. Master the differences in food storage options
  9. Organize post-production dispatch
With Melba

Generate production sheets

Print your production sheets with ease

Main benefits

Discover recipe database in standardized format

Avoid calculation errors with lists of recipes and sub-recipes factored in the correct quantities

Save time with the commissary voucher = the list of ingredients to take out of the reserve and take to the lab

Easily generate the allergen table to inform your customers

With Melba

Plan your production

Organize easily with the production schedule

Main benefits

Schedule your production over several days / weeks in order to gain visibility

Manage the progress of tasks per day and per person

Manage your central kitchen which feeds on the needs of your various points of sale

Keep track of your production to repeat it over similar periods or to analyze it and understand how to improve

Easily prepare orders to match production without having to go through lists of hundreds of ingredients

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With Melba

Manage your traceability / hygiene / HACCP efficiently

Facilitate your traceability, hygiene, HACCP operations

Main benefits

Take your temperature readings and monitor your heat control plan

Manage the traceability of intermediate productions

Manage your expiration dates, DLC, DLUO and get your complete INCO labeling (allergens, nutritional information, composition) in the official format

Follow from start to finish the presence of the ingredients in the dishes

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