The tool that simplifies the relationship between customers &

Suppliers, everything to optimize the management of your sales and to facilitate the supply of your customers. The melba application is offered to you free of charge to digitize your product catalogs and share them in real time with your customers

Orders, purchases and supply-chain management with Melba

Why digitize your product catalogs ?

At melba, we are specialists in the management of culinary activities, and we equip a wide spectrum of catering professionals: restaurateurs, caterers, bakers, butchers, schools, dark kitchens, suppliers, etc.

With melba, small producers or national operators can digitize their product offering and distribute it directly to their customers. By adopting a digital tool, supply, one of the most time-consuming and error-prone operations, becomes child's play for suppliers and restaurateurs

Your catalog will be suitable for reading on a computer, tablet or mobile phone

With melba

Share your catalogs efficiently

Save time and money by digitizing your product catalogs

Main benefits

Boost your sales by giving your customers direct access to your product catalog

Promote new products and promotional offers to your customers

Simplify the management of your stocks and the supply of your customers

Open your product offering to new customers and build loyalty with your current customers

Associate each item with purchase information, packaging, weight and item code and receive all the information you need to manage your customers' orders

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With melba

Integrate your ERP easily

Enter the modern world of supply, melba integrates with your ERP.

Main benefits

Automatically synchronize your product catalogs by connecting your ERP to melba via our API or native integration

Differentiate yourself from the competitors by adopting a modern interface. Forget Excel and PDF files.

Share information securely with your audience

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With melba

Gain visibility

Melba is the most modern management tool on the market and benefits from the best referencing in its field. With melba you will gain visibility with our customers and our large network of partners

Main benefits

Melba is a prescriber with a leading position in restaurant opening

Benefit from exchanges of backlinks, cross communication, joint events...

Benefit from a referencing of your solution on our site and an insert within our Marketplace

Our partnerships team will be able to answer your questions quickly

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Take back control over your kitchen

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