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At the crossroad of caterers, central kitchens and restaurants, dark kitchens suffer from a lack of suitable software.

Discover our tool, acclaimed by your peers for its simplicity and its focus on production.

melba The modern ERP for restaurants
With Melba

Manage your sales without cash register software

You're in the cloud, so are we!

Main benefits

Connect directly to our API to synchronize your sales or use standard imports

Steer your business by its profitability by combining turnover and meal costs

Link your orders directly to your production schedule

With Melba

Speed ​​up your production

Main benefits

Facilitate your production with production vouchers (multiplied recipes)

Efficiently organize post-production dispatch

Adopt central kitchen habits to supply multiple outlets

With Melba

Centralize your traceability operations

Easily comply with traceability requirements, without wasting time

Main benefits

Manage your labeling easily (use-by date, INCO)

Forget the HACCP hassles (health control plan, temperature records, go-forward principle)

Optimize your start-to-end follow-up


Take back control over your kitchen

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