Unleash the power of Melba with our API

The Melba API is available for all: ask us for the link to the documentation and start building advanced workflows!

API: Synchronization of recipe database with a software, POS terminal, or connected object.

A modern API to start building modern apps

Melba is the most modern kitchen back office tool on the market, partially thanks to our API.

Forget legacy software, don't get easily blocked and implicate your colleagues.

Main benefits

Full Open API v3 documentation

REST API with JSON-API format

Rate limiter included to guarantee stability

Webhooks to come, CRONs substitues via Zapier

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Data sourcing

Retrieve all your data, enriched

Create recipes, send orders, comply with HACCP requirements on Melba and then retrieve value-added data.

Everything you can do in the interface, and much more, is available through the API.

For example, you can display recipes as a mosaic on your own site with the added bonus of nutritional information or food composition.

Main benefits

Super-structured data

Custom fields/metadata

Retrieve calculated information

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Build advanced workflows

Integrate our API to adapt our tool to your business logic. Get free from any limit and innovate to save a maximum amount of time in your operations.

Main benefits

Synchronize automatically your ingredient lists when they are dropped within a drive, by connecting Zapier, Google Drive, Google Sheet & Melba

Retrieve the analytics your are interested in once a week to build a dashboard that you will receive by email

Trigger alerts when orders go over budget

Integrate sales from shopify inside our interface

Take back control over your kitchen

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