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Knowledge: ingredients and recipes

Dynamic ingredient price list

Recipe databases

Up to 200



Sub-recipe management

Allergen calculation

Nutritional information calculation (INCO labeling)

Food composition calculation (INCO labeling)

Operations: production, orders, stocks

Inventory management

Manual orders

Automatic ordering from recipes

Send orders by email

Production schedule

Multiple production / sales templates




Enter a modern world

Import of ingredient and sales data

POS connections

roadmap T2 2021

Online sales connections (uberEats, deliveroo, deliverect, etc.)

roadmap T2 2021

roadmap T2 2021

roadmap T2 2021

API access

Export in pdf, xls, csv, json

roadmap T3 2021


Number of users




Customization of user roles

Multiple sites


Performance analysis workshop

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Project implementation manager

Free standard version for students and trainers


Common questions

How can I start?

You can start by signing up on our application, and then start entering your data and managing your transactions.

You can also ask for a demo if you are already in business or ready to go.

For more questions, especially if you represent a channel or a group, please fill out our contact form.

Is a payment method required?

No, the trial is free and without obligation. You can test everything freely for 7 days or even longer if you have not exceeded 30 articles and 10 recipes.

Why this price?

Melba will save you dozens of hours a month. We are more expensive than some competitors because the quality of our interface and because we provide total flexibility in the management of your data. Contact us to get an estimate of your profits.

How are you better than competitors?

Our software is the most ergonomic on the market and the only one that allows you to structure cooking recipes while remaining in tune with the reality of your profession. Competitor interfaces date from another era: they are complex to handle.

Our solution is also very scalable, with many updates every week, always with the aim of high quality.

Do I have to commit?

Melba works with an annual or quarterly subscription. After a year, you will have saved hundreds of hours of work and thousands of euros per equipped site.

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Why would you be reluctant?

I don't have time to invest in this at the moment

Our software allows you to create content quickly: the interface is fluid, you can create multiple ingredients at once, duplicate ingredients / recipes / orders and adjust them at the margin to save time. You can start gradually and you will save time in managing your production as soon as you use it on a daily basis.

I use Excel which is entirely sufficient for me

Test our demo! With Excel you can do less than a quarter of what Melba allows. Your file will become difficult to maintain and share. It becomes complicated to delegate and you waste even more time without benefiting from regular improvements.

My suppliers are not digital

No problem, our software is supplier agnostic. You can send orders by email or download Excel sheets.

I already know the profitability of my establishment

With our software, you will go to the next level. You will analyze the details that make you lose thousands of euros each year with a management by the margin rather than the turnover.

Beyond the economic aspect, you will greatly simplify the management of your operations.

I don't want to share my recipe data

It's normal ! On our application, all the data belongs to you and you control the access of your teammates. You can revoke them at your convenience or add more.

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The Benefits Don't End There...


Your data remains your exclusive property. It is protected and you set the level of access that each member of your team can have.


Our users praise our ergonomic design for its simplicity and light touch. 100% accessible through mobile !


Melba adapts to the way your business works, not the other way around. The kitchen is your business, the technology is ours!


We will support you from day 1 and remain available to assist you at any time. You will never feel lost.

User rights

Easily invite your colleagues by email. They will receive individual access permissions which you can configure and revoke.

Multiple sites

Connect multiple point of sales of productions sites to a single interface and leverage standardized data and operations across your whole business.

Take Back Control over your Kitchen

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