The #1 Management Tool for Bakers and Pastry Chefs

Get a modern tool to optimize your business.

Dive into the details of margins, regain control over supplies and simplify production.

Melba - The Modern ERP for Restaurants
With Melba

Take back control of production

Step into the modern world. Create recipes that are realistic and use them to speed up your production.

Main benefits

Create sales and production templates

At the end of the day, compare the remaining products with next day's needs and easily reprogram the differential production

Compose realistic and dynamic recipe database to speed up the work

Take back control
With Melba

Optimize business operations management

Save time in the management of business operations: facilitate training and daily collaboration by sharing clear and controlled information.

Take back control over supplier orders rather than depending on a salesperson who shows up unexpectedly.

Main benefits

Digitize ingredients list and supplier information

Save time in managing supplier orders / procurement

Manage stocks of ingredients, recipes, drinks and make the inventory

Compose a realistic and dynamic recipe database

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With Melba

Connect your cash register data and analyze your business

No more producing dozens of breads and pastries without controlling their profitability.

Connect your sales and steer your business by its margin rather than turnover.

Main benefits

Compose realistic recipes with unlimited sub-recipes and any kind of consumption unit

Optimisez ratios dish by dish and overall, control your profitability

Synchronize sales to get an overview of your margin

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