Make every sale a profitable sale

Use our tool to sync sales to the rest of your operations.

Steer your business by its margin rather than turnover, start making real money.

Manage your quotes and sales with Melba
With Melba

Link sales to business operations

Connect your sales to Melba to increase productivity by streamlining business operations.

Main benefits

For Caterers: you can prepare quotes from a list of upcoming sales

Transform your customers' requests into production tasks from quotes or online sales platforms

Once production is done, dispatch easily to your customers or internal sites (central kitchens)

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With Melba

Synchronize sales with costs

Main benefits

Easily import data from your cash register software

Gain visibility on your turnover by period

Cross sales with our precise cost knowledge

With Melba

Steer your business by its margin

Main benefits

Identify your net earnings by day, category, or other segmentations

Identify the causes of underperformance and optimizations to increase earnings

Get to the bottom of things thanks to inventories and control over flows

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Take back control over your kitchen

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