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Everything to optimize the management of hygiene and traceability requirements: step by step guides, thematic articles, the best softwares, the Melba application and other resources.

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Labeling, traceability, hygiene, HACCP with Melba

How can you deal with hygiene and traceability requirements?

A good management of hygiene and traceability is necessary to ensure the safety of your consumers, but also to be in compliance with the law. Many methods exist to ensure a good management of hygiene and traceability requirements:

  • Learn about sanitary obligations
  • Take advantage of the HACCP method
  • Know how to apply legal requirements

Discover all you need to know in our guide about hygiene and traceability.

With Melba

Manage labeling

Now you can manage your labeling easily

Main benefits

Print labels for your intermediate products (use-by date, etc.)

Print label for end products (composition, use-by date, name, etc.)

Satisfy INCO requirements when needed (allergens, composition, nutrition facts, etc.)

With Melba

Apply the HACCP methodology

Optimize the implementation of your good hygiene practices with a proven methodology

Main benefits

Quickly create your sanitary control plan (SCP)

Manage your temperature readings and connect with automatic sensors

Organize your cleaning plan by distributing responsibilities and checking the work done

With Melba

Comply with traceability requirements

Food traceability: respect the rules and legal obligations to eliminate some business risks

Main benefits

Digitize your supplier labels instead of storing hard copies in shoe boxes

Add your expiry date, best before date and use by date to your labeling

Apply the FIFO methodology easily

Trace ingredients right down to the end products to react upon sanitary alerts


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