Optimize the management of your

Manage your supplies with a modern tool, connected to your stocks and recipes.

Save time, avoid mistakes, claim credit vouchers.

Orders, purchases and supply-chain management with Melba

How to properly manage your supply chain?

To optimize the supply chain, it's necessary to break down the value chain and optimize each step. Digital tools allow you to gain productivity and avoid errors.

The 7 key steps for a good supply chain management

  1. Choose the right suppliers
  2. Make a price / product quality trade-off
  3. Place your orders semi-automatically to save time and increase reliability
  4. Use mobile interfaces to avoid load breaks
  5. Track your shipments, deliveries, receipts and payments via a cadencer
  6. Obtain reimbursement for delivery anomalies in the form of a credit note
  7. Analyze your data to reduce your losses and increase your profitability
With Melba

Centralize all your supplier information

Main benefits

List your suppliers and their contact details

Associate multiple purchasing costs with ingredients

Configure the order conditions (minimum delivery, shipping fees)

Digitize your parcel labels and track product usage within dishes

With Melba

Prepare your orders easily

Main benefits

From your mobile, tablet or computer

Generate orders from ingredients or recipe templates

Take into account your residual stock and other subtleties

Order to reach the good stock levels or meet your production schedule

Simplify your purchases
With Melba

Send your orders and track deliveries

Increase productivity, reduce manual steps and finally get a 360 ° vision on your purchases

Main benefits

Manage multiple suppliers and multiple locations

Send orders from our interface by email (and soon EDI, sms, Whatsapp)

Follow the reception and note the discrepancies with the delivery note

Identify the status of orders and payments to be honored

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With Melba

Save up to 10% of your purchases

Standardize your supply chain to reach a better data reliability. Analyze this data and find avenues for optimizing your business.

Main benefits

Identify delivery errors and claim credit notes from suppliers

Negotiate more efficiently with your order history

Identify losses with flow analysis and inventory

Save money

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