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How to optimize the business knowledge thanks to recipe database?

In the catering industry, the recipe database is essential. This document makes it possible to structure the knowledge available to the chef and to calculate the profitability of the dishes. It also provides numerous operational benefits: production, stocks, purchases, sales, etc.

Steps leading to leveraging recipe database efficiently

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With Melba

Structure and standardize your knowledge

Compose your recipe database easily to structure and standardize your knowledge

Main benefits

Standardize information to avoid errors and share a clear repository

Benefit from the most complete and realistic model on the market: personalized units, sub-recipes, variations in weight, losses, purchase and sale information, comments, production steps with links and images, etc.

Train your colleagues faster with a recipe book

Protect yourself from turnover by keeping your business knowledge in a tool that belongs to you

With Melba

Enrich recipe information and leverage it elsewhere

Enrich the information contained in your database to go even further

Main benefits

Obtain nutritional information directly from CIQUAL public source and save on time-consuming data entry

Synchronize your data and create your own analytics from our APIs

Easily reprocess your data from templates, recipes, sub-recipes, production, purchases and sales

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With Melba

Calculate your profitability and optimize your ratios

Calculate your profitability and optimize your ratios using the recipe database.

Main benefits

Take into account the weight variations to have a reliable calculation

Sort your revenues by increasing margin and identify the ones that make you lose money

Get into the details: wrong proportions, costs too high, prices too low, quantities too large

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With Melba

Organize your production

Organize your production thanks to the recipe database.

Main benefits

Use the recipe database to guarantee the consistency of your production and make it predictable through the production schedule

Avoid calculation errors thanks to factored recipes and sub-recipes in the right quantities

Save time with the commissary voucher = the list of ingredients to take out of the reserve and take to the lab

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