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How to optimize the profitability of your kitchen?

To increase your kitchen's profits, it's necessary to work on many components: analyzing performance, reducing costs, pricing and improving the marketing mix.

The key topics to a kitchen's profitability

  1. Better analyze your performance
  2. Reduce the costs of your restaurant
  3. Increase the price of your meu items
  4. Improve marketing mix

Check the complete guide to improving your profitability.

With melba

Calculate food cost, dish by dish and overall, gain up to 12% gross margin in 3 months

Main benefits

Take into account weight variations for a reliable calculation

Sort your revenues by increasing margin and identify those that make you lose money

Go into detail: costs of each ingredient, wrong proportions, costs too high, prices too low, quantities too large

Take into account the packaging in the selling price

With melba

Protect yourself from tying up cash and losses

Main benefits

Order the exact quantities in your shopping list and adjust them according to the packaging

Avoid food wastage by taking into account weight variations

Measure the loss (overproduction, theft, pure loss...)

Avoid tying up cash

With melba

Save on delivery anomalies

Save up to 5% on all deliveries by claiming credits from suppliers

Main benefits

Keep a digital record of your orders

Compare the delivery slips to the initial order and note any problems encountered: missing product, wrong price, damaged product, etc.

Claim end-of-month credit from suppliers for problems encountered.

With melba

Save hundreds of working hours

Main benefits

Quickly train your newcomers

Organize your production and restaurant operations precisely

Prepare and receive your supplier orders more easily

Easily print your INCO labels

Test for free

They have optimized their profitability with Melba

La Brigade De Véro - From 40% to 28% food cost in a few months

La Brigade De Véro X melba : Discover the collaboration

Romain is the Director and Co-founder of La Brigade De Véro. Each week they put together a balanced menu, which is then delivered to their customers. Thanks to Melba, Romain has managed to improve the management of his kitchen by increasing its food ratio from 40 to 28% in a few months. Incredible, isn't it?


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