How to view and send emails in the interface

Consult the email exchanges between your organization and your suppliers or customers directly in the interface

Published on 04/27/2022Hind Andaloussi

Following the first sending of an order or a sale (quote or commercial proposal), it is possible to consult the exchanges of emails associated with this order or sale directly in the interface, as soon as it passes in sent status .

In orders / sales sent and received, an Email button opens the side panel which contains:

  • The initial sending email
  • The following different email exchanges
  • A response form:
    - Enter a subject
    - Select the main recipients
    - Select the recipients in copy
    - Enter a message
    - Select the option to return the order form if necessary
    - Send

The recipient will be able to respond directly from his mailbox and his message will appear following the exchanges of the corresponding order / sale in the interface.