How to get the allergen table

Export the allergen table in PDF format to display it in your establishment

Published on 10/21/2022Hind Andaloussi

Why is an allergen table for?

The table of allergens is an integral part of the Health Control Plan, it consists in eliminating as much as possible the dangers associated with food allergies and must be visible to customers.

This posting obligation covers:

  • To reassure consumers by demonstrating that the regulations in force are respected;
  • to inform these consumers of the allergens used in the various dishes on sale in the establishment.

The simplicity of generating this table on melba allows easy and regular updating of the document, depending on the variety and frequency of the establishment's gastronomic offer (monthly, weekly, or even daily)

How to generate the allergen table?

The table of allergens can be generated from a template containing all the recipes for sale.

It is therefore accessible in the Template tab of the main menu.

To create a table of allergens from a template, you must:

  1. Select the template containing the recipes to display
  2. Click on the Other actions drop-down menu
  3. Click on the action  Download the table of allergens
  4. Wait a few seconds to obtain the PDF file

The columns of the table refer to the 14 mandatory food allergens.
The rows of the table correspond to the selected recipes.
A check mark at the intersection between the rows and columns indicates the presence of an allergen.