How to prepare orders from production

Prepare supplier orders from a production schedule

Published on 07/12/2022

Why order from production?

From the production schedule, it is possible to generate the list of ingredients to order from suppliers according to production forecasts.

We can prepare multiple orders in one click, then reduce errors by ordering as close as possible to needs.

How to order from production?

Production tasks are accessible in the Production tab   of the main menu

To place supplier orders from production, you must:

  1. Create then select the recipes to produce
  2. Adjust the quantities and unit of recipes
  3. Click on the Prepare orders button
  4. In the preparation mode:
    - Select a supplier (all by default)
    - An option allows you to add to current orders from the same supplier
    - Confirm by clicking on Prepare

Upon validation, the user is automatically redirected to supplier orders and can now send them.