How Do I Create a Recipe Database?

Steps and tips for creating recipes

Published on 08/07/2021Cladie Olivier

Here are the steps and tips for creating simple recipe databases

Access the recipes by clicking on the “ Recipes ” tab in the “ Main menu

Click on the floating button “Create an ingredient” accessible via the “ + ” at the bottom left.

A first step invites you to fill in:

  • designation
  • the category
  • portioning

Identify a recipe in a relevant way

The creation of a recipe requires the correct denomination of the latter. The goal is that you can easily find it among a more or less long list of items.

We recommend that you use the “photo” functionality as much as possible, allowing you to associate a recipe with a photo. This makes it easier to visualize and implement the dressing of your dishes, especially in the context of collaborative work. To add a photo, click on the gray box showing an illustration and select the file chosen to illustrate the recipe. 

The use of the internal code of the recipe is more or less relevant depending on the operational habits of the user. However, it helps to differentiate very similar recipes.

Portioning of the recipe

When you create a recipe, you can choose whether your recipe includes portions or not.

One serving is a fraction of the recipe. 

Three options are then available. You can determine:

  • The number of servings in a recipe: In this case, the weight of a portion is calculated automatically from the final weight of your recipe. 

For example:
You are creating a raspberry pie recipe. This pie has 6 portions. If, when producing this recipe, the total net weight of the incorporated ingredients is 900g, then the weight of a serving is automatically calculated. In this case, the portion is 150g.  

  • The weight or volume of a serving: In this case the weight of a portion is totally independent of the final weight of your recipe but the number of portions per recipe will be calculated automatically.

For example:
You are creating a recipe for a raspberry fruit salad. You sell this raspberry salad in the 200 gram per jar. Whatever the total weight of your initial recipe, the weight of your portion remains unchanged. If I decide to produce 6kg of my recipe, I know I will be able to serve 30 servings.

  • No portion for this recipe: the portion unit is not created.

The configuration of the portions of a recipe can be edited in the recipe database. To modify it, you must:

1. Click on the recipe database

2. Click on the main information block

3. Make the portioning changes