How recipe weight variation works

Enter or calculate the weight change rate to know the yield of a recipe

Published on 04/13/2022Hind Andaloussi

When making a recipe, a first notion of loss between the gross product and the net product occurs when working with the raw material (peeling, boning, shucking, etc.). Melba allows this by entering the weight variation at item level.

The product transformation stage also often leads to a loss of material.

For the yield of the material to be correct, it will therefore be necessary to inform or calculate the rate of loss / gain at the level of the recipe. Once again, it suffices to compare the quantity of raw material before and after preparation.

How do I enter the variation in weight of a recipe?

The weight variation is applicable at the  Recipe sheet level.

To apply a weight variation:

  1. Click on “ Indicate a weight variation ”
  2. Enter the type of variation (loss or gain), then the value in %.
  3. If you do not know the average weight variation: the application allows you to calculate it by entering the gross weight and the net weight of the recipe in the corresponding fields.
    Click on Calculate.
  4. Validate by clicking on  Apply