How to create a purchase cost?

Set up the supply units of an item

Published on 12/15/2021Hind Andaloussi

What is a purchase unit?

To order with melba, you must define the units with which you plan to source from each of the suppliers that you have previously referenced.

The purchasing (or supply) units correspond to the supplier references associated with their purchasing packaging.

They are therefore associated with a given supplier, and they may be units of weight, volume or even parts. For example,

  • If my greengrocer supplies me with apples in 10kg crates, the supply unit will be the crate:
    Name = crate; quantity = 10; reference unit = kg
  • If my creamery only supplies me with boxes of 8 jars of 500g cream, the unit will be the box:
    I first create the smallest unit, the jar: Name = jar of cream; quantity = 500; reference unit = g
    Then I create the box unit, which will contain the jar: Name = box; quantity = 8; reference unit = jars of cream
    It is therefore the latter that we inform as being the purchase packaging.

How to create a purchase cost?

In the item form, to indicate the purchase units, click on Add a purchase cost :

Select the purchase packaging from the drop-down menu.

If the desired packaging does not appear, a new unit must be created:

  1. Click on Create a unit in the drop-down selector
  2. Indicate the name, the quantity, and the unit of reference of this one, then validate.
  3. Enter the purchase cost 
  4. Select the cost unit (this is most often the packaging, in some cases it can be relative to the weight)
  5. Enter the supplier and the product code (optional)
  6. Validate by clicking on the Add button