6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Melba!

Melba stands out from competitors for its functional richness, its ergonomics and its modernity

Published on 08/31/2021Cladie Olivier

Melba stands out from competitors for its functional richness, its ergonomics and its modernity

1 - To better collaborate with the members of your team

Melba is a collaborative tool around the data of ingredients and recipes that allows you to:

  • communicate information effectively to the employees
  • to organize the work within the team
  • access your data anywhere and anytime with a simple internet connection
  • to optimize actions during the production process (edition of the mercurial for inventories - generation of production slips, etc.)

You can add users and choose the access rights you assign to them. This way, you can share the data in a controlled way with your team members. 

2 - To secure your data

Melba is an online, secure solution that allows:

  • to keep control over its recipe data in the event of an employee leaving
  • to protect its recipes from handling errors or failures 

All your data remains your property and is exclusively private. To guarantee their security, we encrypt them and save them daily on our servers. 

3- To easily manage your recipe data

Melba is a tool that allows you:

  • easy creations of new recipes
  • to anticipate production and save time on menu design
  • to manage its supplies more efficiently

Our interface allows you to create, sort, organize and personalize information relating to your ingredients and recipe databases. 

4 - To optimize your costs and margins

Melba is a solution that gives you more visibility on: 

  • your purchase costs
  • your selling prices
  • your gross margins

Once the purchase costs and selling prices are entered, the gross margins are calculated automatically. [Gross margin = (sales price excluding VAT - purchase cost excluding VAT) / selling price excluding VAT]. You can easily follow the profitability of your recipes and take the necessary corrective actions. 

5 - To rationalize your production

Melba automatically adjusts the quantities of ingredients according to the volume of the recipe you want to produce. 

Editing production slips allows you to convert your recipe databases to PDF format with factored quantities. 

6 - To rationalize your production

Melba can help with all your traceability operations:

  • manage supplier labels
  • trace everything from start to finish
  • organize your sanitary tasks
  • record temperatures for your equipments