Understand the Unit System

Much of Melba's potential is based on its unit management system.

Published on 01/05/2022Hind Andaloussi

Much of Melba's potential is based on its unit management system.

But what is a unit? A unit is the format in which a product (ingredient or recipe) will be used in a given context. Purchases, production, and sale are all contexts in which an ingredient or a recipe will potentially be used.

These can be units:

  • of weight (gram, kilogram,...)
  • volume (liter, deciliter,...)
  • or pieces, which are completely customizable and flexible units (eg: 1 crate of 10 kg of apples, 1 box of 20 crates of 250 g of raspberries, etc.)
  • More..

For example:
we buy the cream in the jar but we use it by the gram in a recipe. We buy soda cans in boxes of 24 but we sell them individually.


Unit management allows:

  • to accurately calculate the costs and margins of products
  • to manipulate recipes by automatically factoring quantities to produce a given number of servings
  • to simply convert a product need into the number of packaging lots available for purchase 
  • More...

The challenge for Melba is to provide a flexible unit management system, allowing the use of the tool to be modeled on the business habits of Melba users.

Thus, Melba is the only solution on the market which makes it possible to truly represent the reality of what happens in the kitchen, without complexity. The recipes are on Melba as they live in the kitchen!