How to configure your suppliers?

List vendors to manage supplies and set shipping parameters

Published on 04/01/2022Hind Andaloussi

This key step prior to the management of purchases and orders, allows you to configure the sending and receiving options.

Supplier information is accessible in the Settings tab of the main menu, Suppliers section.

Create a new supplier

External provider

To create an external supplier, you must:

1. Click on the Create button represented by the floating " + " button at the bottom left

2. Enter the name of the supplier

3. Validate by clicking on the Create button

Internal supplier

In a multi-site operation of the central kitchen or central purchasing type, the supplier is a group organization. It is then automatically created when the head office shares a catalog of the Product type to order at its point of sale.

Set up supplier information

In a supplier's page,

Main information

The first information to be filled in is in the order of the identification of the supplier:

  1. Legal name
  2. SIRET number

Command send parameters

If the supplier is external, only the sending by email parameter appears here and is activated by default (soon SMS / Whatsapp)

If the supplier is internal, two parameters can be activated:

The address

Additional information relating to the supplier will appear in the header of the purchase order:

  1. Address
  2. Postal code
  3. Town
  4. Country


It is possible to add as many contacts as there are interlocutors at a given supplier:

  1. Click on the add a Contact link
  2. Fill in the contact form
    First name Last
    Email address
  3. Validate information

It will then be possible to select one or more recipient contacts when sending the order