How to create an article without weight?

Miscellaneous type items do not require weight or volume information

Published on 02/24/2022Hind Andaloussi

What is a miscellaneous item?

The miscellaneous item type is suitable for any non-food item.

In some cases, it can be associated with the constituent elements of the recipe (and therefore with the cost of the recipe) without the latter undergoing any transformation.

  • So there is no concept of weight
  • Its nutritional information is zero

It can be pure packaging elements  (eg: cardboard tray, plastic container) ...

Or even consumable items linked to the recipe  (eg: disposable piping bags, plastic cutlery, etc.).

How do I create a miscellaneous item?

To create a non-food item:

Simple creation is available in the  Articles section  of the main menu

Click on the floating button  Create an article  accessible via the  + "  at the bottom left.

  1. Fill in the designation
  2. Select  category
  3. Define the nature of the article: choose the "miscellaneous" option
  4. Validate by clicking on  Create the article

The first automatically created unit will bear the name of the product and will be editable.