How to Characterize a Functional Problem (bug)?

Follow the step-by-step tutorial to report a problem and help us solve it

Published on 08/07/2021Sébastien Vassaux

Follow the step-by-step tutorial to report a problem and help us solve it

How Melba guarantees the quality of its applications

We have implemented a very qualitative development process to prevent as many problems as possible:

  • the very detailed specifications: upstream development, we have created very detailed specifications to ensure the highest level of understanding for our teams.
  • the functional test driven: each feature embeds a piece of code automatically executed to test it. This piece of code is rerun with each new deployment to ensure that new features don't impact old ones.
  • small iterations: we perform an average of 60 updates per month. These are therefore small, which makes it easy to define the perimeter impacted by an update in order to facilitate manual tests which are added to automated tests.

We also monitor our systems in real time and receive alerts in most cases if users encounter any difficulties, so fixes are often deployed before our users even encounter them, as we test everything thoroughly before a deployment.

How to isolate the problems relating to your own installation?

Before informing us of a functional problem, you must eliminate the specific elements relating to your own installation:

  • Check that the problem is reproducible: if the problem is not reproducible with a series of precise directions, it is probably not a bug, but a problem of use or of connection and we will not be able to solve it technically. However, we can help you understand how our application works, contact us in case of difficulty via the chat bubble accessible at the bottom right of your screen.
  • Install the latest version of Google Chrome browser , downloadable here . We do not ensure full compatibility on other browsers because they do not follow the best web standards as quickly as Chrome.
  • Clear the cache and reload the application: delete all cookies and the application cache via the Configuration menu -> Privacy and security -> Clear browsing data, cookies and other site data. Reload the application (ctrl + reload from the browser).
  • Test in private browsing and without extensions: open a new page in private browsing and turn off browser extensions. This ensures that external programs do not influence the interface, which is quite common. In particular, translation extensions sometimes change the content of the screens, it is up to you to deactivate them for our application.

If the malfunction continues, follow the next steps to characterize the bug precisely.

How to characterize a bug precisely

A bug is a malfunction of the application that we can quickly correct by adjusting the interface and our server processing.

To characterize a bug precisely, please gather the following information.

The reproduction scenario

Identify the steps to reproduce the bug: affected screen, list of clicks and entries, expected behavior, behavior obtained. Example:

When I go to the url
Then I click on the title of my organization
Then I enter a new text
Then I validate
So I expect the new name to be registered
But the old name still appears

The error message

If an error message occurs, take a screenshot and attach it to your message.

Browser console messages

Your browser allows you to access the details of the errors that have occurred, via its console .

Follow these steps:

  • reload the application (ctrl + reload on your browser);
  • open the browser console (right click on the screen, inspect) before doing anything on the screen;
  • go to the "Console" tab;
  • reproduce the bug on the application;
  • note the contents of the console (red messages) via a screenshot and attach it to your message.

A video of the interface

You can easily take a video of the interface as the problem occurs by using the Screenity extension. Click on the link to install it.

Send information

Once the previous information has been gathered, you can send it to us:

  • either via the contact form if you do not have any attachments;
  • or via the chat bubble accessible in the application if you have attachments (screenshot, video).