Why add by-products to the production schedule?

Plan by-product transformation tasks

Published on 10/21/2022Hind Andaloussi

Plan the transformation tasks of by-products, articles or sub-recipes, before the manufacture of the finished product.

When to add by-products to the production schedule?

When planning a production, the final recipes are often the subject of intermediate preparations.

These tasks are time consuming and have a strong impact on the organization in the kitchen since they must be sufficiently anticipated. Efficient production is therefore subject to careful organization, in which all production and transformation tasks are individually planned over time.

Let's take the example of a production of lasagna with a homemade dough:

  • So we have article transformation tasks:
    For example, slice 1 kg of onions for the bolognese sauce
  • Intermediate recipe manufacturing tasks:
  • Then finally, the task corresponding to the final recipe
    Assemble the different intermediate preparations to produce the lasagna.

Note that it is possible to merge the sub-recipe tasks (known as identical elements in the interface) when planning a selection of recipes from a template or from sales. This makes it possible to predict the needs by batch rather than doing several sub-tasks for the same sub-recipe provided for in several final recipes.

How to add by-products to the production schedule?

In the list of production tasks, accessible in the Production tab of the main menu.

  • It is possible to create production tasks directly dedicated to by-products.
    By selecting the recipe or item concerned by the task when it is added.
  • If it concerns the taking into account of sub-recipes, it is possible to include them when planning the production from another context (template or sales)

To add sub-recipe tasks to production from a template or a sales list:

  1. In a template or in the sales list
  2. Click on the Other actions drop-down menu
  3. Click on the Plan production action 
  4. Check the Include sub-recipes option
  5. Validate the creation by clicking on Schedule

Upon validation, the user is automatically redirected to production showing the tasks of recipes and sub-recipes planned from the template or from sales.