How to use the templates?

The template: a selection of products to handle freely and simply

Published on 10/21/2022Sébastien Vassaux

Templates make it possible to create lists of items for recurring actions such as producing, ordering, selling, and more generally handling all this data very easily.

What is a template?

Templates are lists of ingredients and / or recipes associated with quantities and units.

The templates offer a great flexibility in the management of the data on melba, because they allow to carry out many actions according to the intention, on a selection of defined products.

How to create and use a template?

The templates are accessible in the Templates tab of the main menu

To create a template you must:

  1. Click on  Create a template via the " + " at the bottom left
  2. Enter the template name
  3. Validate by clicking on the Create button

Make a production template

When you are used to producing the same thing week after week, the template can come in handy.

  1. Create a template and give it a name
    For example "Week 1 CAP" for a school teacher, or "Breakfast buffet" for a hotelier
  2. Add the items to send to production
    Exhaustive list of products to manufacture each week
  3. Adjust the quantities to be produced
    And define the units (or format) of production (portion, recipe, weight, etc.)
  4. Schedule production
    Click on Other actions then Schedule production

Make a sales template with the dishes on the menu

When we sell the same thing from one week to the next, again the template is suitable.

  1. Create a template and give it a name
    For example "My card" for a restaurant owner
  2. Add the items to the map
    Exhaustive list of products to be manufactured each week
  3. Enter the quantities sold
    Report for each product, the number of sales over a given period (here the week)
  4. Record sales
    Click on Other actions then Add to sales

From the same template, it is possible to print the table of allergens.

Make an order template

Finally, when we order the same products on a recurring basis, let's use the template

  1. Create a template and give it a name
    For example "Fruits & vegetables for the week"
  2. Add the items to order
    Exhaustive list of products to order each week (all suppliers included)
  3. Adjust the quantities to order
    Note that products whose quantity is zero will not be sent to orders
  4. Generate orders by supplier
    Click on Other actions then Prepare orders

What to do as actions in a template?

How and why to deduct the remaining stock

Take into account the quantities of remaining stock before performing a new action on a template

How to repeat recurring actions on a template

Purchasing, production, printing ... use templates to do repetitive actions on a list of products

How to turn recipes into a shopping list

Obtain a shopping list from a recipe template to produce

How to extract by-products

Extract by-products of a selection of recipes from a template