How to access the melba API

Learn how to access melba's API and get the most out of your data

Published on 07/05/2022Sébastien Vassaux

To access the melba API, you must subscribe to the API plan then contact our teams to obtain the documentation and the various guides.

The API is reserved for melba customers

The API is not available if you are not already a melba customer.

This is due to the fact that the melba API has no standalone value but that the API makes it possible to increase the value of other melba services tenfold.

To benefit from it, go to the subscription section and subscribe to the API module. Dedicated pricing is applied.

Get the API documentation

Once your API subscription is active, you can benefit from the API documentation.

Contact us via our contact form or the application's internal chat and we will send you access to the documentation.

This documentation in Open API v3 format is complete and includes:

  • The description of more than 500 endpoints;
  • The input and output data schemas for each of these endpoints;
  • Examples of data to send and that can be received;
  • Many explanations on best practices and use cases.

Advance in the implementation of the API

Once you have access to the API documentation, you must:

  • Go to the Introduction section to access the authentication description
  • Create a test environment if you make many programmatic changes to avoid corrupting your production data
  • Claim our postman collection to facilitate API calls.