How do I declare delivery anomalies and generate a report?

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Published on 12/06/2022Hind Andaloussi

Why report delivery anomalies?

When receiving orders from suppliers, it is very common to notice errors in the delivery of various orders: missing product, damaged product, expired product, etc.

Delivery anomalies may affect up to 5% of order lines. These cumulative errors constitute a non-negligible cost that must be valued.

Considering and processing them saves thousands of dollars every year, then earns several gross margin points for each establishment. In this sense, Melba makes it possible to control the receipt of a delivered order, by accurately declaring an anomaly for each faulty product received.

How do I report delivery anomalies?

Delivery anomalies are accessible in the  Supplier orders tab  of the main menu

The drop-down title in the header displays the  Delivery Defects View by default.

  • It is possible to create an anomaly from this delivery anomalies view:
  1. Click the Add Delivery Anomaly floating button
  2. In the side panel, select a product from those recently received
  • Or, from the various orders received:
  1. Select the order line of the product received that presents an anomaly.
  2. Click on the context menu of the command line in error
  3. Click on the Report a delivery anomaly option

In the anomaly creation mode:

  1. Enter the quantity (affected by the anomaly)
  2. Enter packaging unit
  3. Select the type of anomaly
  4. Select the nature of the complaint
  5. Add a descriptive comment
  6. Attach photos of the products
  7. Click on Add to create the anomaly

The newly created anomaly is added to the list of delivery anomalies.

All that remains is to filter the list according to the analysis needs to quantify the potential or obtained gains.

How do I get a delivery anomaly report?

To obtain the delivery anomaly report to send to the supplier

go to the Delivery anomalies view:

  1. Click on the Other actions drop-down menu
  2. Select the Anomaly report option

The download of the document is launched automatically.