How to reconcile sales data

Learn how to reconcile sales data

Published on 02/06/2023Sébastien Vassaux

Once the sales data has been imported, you can, if it is not done automatically, reconcile them with the existing data on melba

Why reconcile sales

When you reconcile your sales with melba products you can:

  • obtain more relevant analyzes of gross margin and real gross margin because melba crosses the turnover of your sales with the costs of your products that melba knows better
  • automatically destock the products sold (either the finished products or their ingredients). Automatic destocking settings are accessible in your organization's profile

How to import sales data

You can

  • import sales data by file
  • import sales data from your cash register software (POS)

Imported sales data is automatically synchronized if possible

When importing sales data, the following rules apply:

  • if a product has the same SKU as an internal melba code, it is associated with the melba product
  • if a product has been uploaded to melba, it is associated with the product and melba sales information
  • if a product of a sales line has the same name as a melba product and its unit has the name of a product unit, it is associated with a melba product

Sales data can be reconciled manually

When the reconciliation is not automatic, you can fix it manually.

To do this, click on "Associate a product" on the first line of the sales information or if the reconciliation has already been done, go to the end of the line and click on the contextual menu to edit the attached product.

You can then search for a product on melba and choose a melba sales information. If none exists, one must be created for the product

The following rules apply when doing a reconciliation:

  • the product and the sales information are associated with the sales line and their cost and theoretical price are recalculated
  • the imported information is attached to the melba information so that this reconciliation takes place automatically in the future
  • all the sales lines already imported but not reconciled are reconciled with the same information if they had EITHER the same technical identifiers from the cash register software (POS) OR the same product name and the same unit name in the case of a file import

If you wish to correct information that has already been reconciled in the past, the easiest way may be to proceed with a new import. As part of an import from a cash register software (POS), you can:

  • delete all your sales
  • uninstall extension from POS
  • reinstall the POS extension
  • re-import sales from POS