How to import nutritional data from CIQUAL

Benefit from the ciqual database to provide information on the nutritional values ​​of articles

Published on 04/12/2022Hind Andaloussi

Why fill in the nutritional data of the articles?

Nutritional values ​​are essential information for food traceability, which must appear on all labels of pre-packaged food products.

To facilitate the entry of values, and to allow any user to benefit from the calculation of the nutritional values ​​of their recipes simply, Melba is connected to the reference source of nutritional information: The Ciqual table. It is also the tool of nutritionists and dieticians, which allows them to establish personalized recipes for their clients.

How do I enter or import nutritional data?

At the top of an item card, at the identification information level.

The Nutritional values ​​insert allows you to enter the values ​​for 100g.

  1. Click on Enter for 100g
  2. In the modal, search for a product in the Import field from Ciqual
  3. It is possible to facilitate the search by choosing an option Starts with or Contains the content of the entry
  4. Validate by clicking on Apply

If the product does not appear in the Ciqual database, it is possible to enter the values ​​directly in the corresponding fields if they are known.

  • Once entered at the item level, we can observe the automatic calculation of these nutritional values ​​at the recipe level.
  • The table of nutritional values ​​gives the average values ​​for 100g then per portion.
  • It is possible to copy the values ​​using the "Copy" icon.

To ensure the accuracy of the calculated value at recipe level. It will be necessary to ensure that strictly all products have nutritional information.